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Donating to Vision Youthz

The cost of one child lost to a life of crime is 1.7 million dollars and incalculable suffering. It make sense to invest NOW in our children.


Vision Youthz is 100% supported by private funding, with 84 cents of every dollar providing classes, mentors, counseling, wilderness trips and career development for youth.

Large or small, your donation can make the difference between success and failure for our youth. Join our other visionary investors today to ensure that at-risk youth get the support they need.

  • Just $35 supplies two struggling youth with a week of food from the Food Bank.
  • $200 buys a youth's college books for a full semester.
  • $350 finances a weekend of campsites, supplies, and food for nature immersion learning for an entire group of youth.
  • For $500 you can fully fund a month-long personal development internship that provides workplace experience and job or school focus for a youth moving from incarceration back into the community.
  • Provide transformative individual mentoring by volunteering 5 hours of your time each week.

Individual Support
Foundation and Corporations

  • Send a check payable to Vision Youthz to Vision Youthz, PO Box 410784, San Francisco, CA 94141-0784.
  • Call us at 415-970-2319 to make a pledge or to donate by credit card or auto-debit.
  • Join our Circle of Support - or consider major gift levels including Pathfinder ($100-$249), Trailblazer ($250-$999), Visionary ($1000-$4999), and Guardian ($5000+).


Foundation and Corporations



  • Join the Vision Youthz volunteer community, and give the gift of your time.
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